The New World of Statistics

Posted on Dec. 9, 2014

Please join us to welcome the new website for The World of Statistics!

ASA-P Fall 2014 Seminar

Posted on Oct., 2014

The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Statistical Association is pleased to announce that we are offering a seminar on Business Analytics: Statistics and Big Data. The date is October 24th and it will be held at the Holiday Inn in Fort Washington. The cost is $30 for individuals and $15 for students. Coffee/Tea and Lunch are provided. Details are listed below:

Registration Link:

Business Analytics: Statistics and Big Data

October 24, 2014, 8:30am - 1:00pm
Holiday Inn, Fort Washington


Registration 8:30-9:00
Seminar 9:00-12:00
Lunch 12:00-1:00

Please note there will be coffee and tea served in the morning.

President’s Corner

Posted on June, 2014

Dear Philadelphia ASA members,

Once upon a time there was a young… handsome… enthusiastic… statistician, fresh out of university and eager to find a job. He started out on his career and as the years went by, benefitted greatly from the advice of more experienced statisticians around him. I have to tell you, I was that statistician, only now I am not so young… or enthusiastic!

Get Involved in Mentoring

The point of this poor joke is to let you know that the chapter is looking for ways to encourage mentoring. I’m sure you’ve noticed this topic is a big theme of recent ASA communications. So within the chapter, we are thinking about ways to foster mentoring at a local level. For younger statisticians, there is almost nothing so valuable as talking to a more experienced and seasoned practitioner. And for the mentor, there is the satisfaction of helping others and furthering statistical practice.

As the community of statisticians in the Philadelphia area, we are well positioned to bring together local mentors and mentees. We’re really just getting started with this, so if you have ideas or want to take a lead in this, I would love to hear from you. Are you interested in being a mentor? Would you like to benefit from the advice of a more experienced statistician? Are you an isolated statistician, with no or very few others in your organization, and need someone to bounce ideas off? Are you a student, looking for one-on-one help with anything to do with statistics? I see this as part of our wider outreach activities, potentially expanding our involvement with students of statistics at high schools and colleges in the area. Look out for more news from the chapter on how you can get involved. But in the meantime I would be more than happy to hear from anyone that wants to get involved in any way.

Events, Past and Upcoming

Spring is the most hectic time on the ASA-P calendar, and there are lots of opportunities to participate in chapter events. Already behind us are the Villanova career night, the ‘Mid-Winter’ Gathering, and the Delaware Valley Science Fair. I was gratified to see some new faces joining us for DVSF judging: this is another important avenue of outreach where we can play a part in encouraging the statisticians of tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that came along. The Mid-Winter Sedgeley meeting was enjoyable as ever, with a speaker who gave us plenty to think about in the realm of social media. Just past is the career day at Strath Haven High School on May 29th, and the Short Course on June 4th is upon us, which you will read about elsewhere in the newsletter. I hope you can make it to this event.

We’re looking ahead to the Fall and next year’s program, so if you have ideas for these meetings, please let me or any officer know. There are lots of interesting issues touching on statistics these days – big data, climate change, clinical effectiveness/outcomes research, bioterrorism, the list goes on. We’ve started to brainstorm and are open to more ideas. Many of you will be at JSM this summer in Boston. If a talk or a speaker inspires you, let us know!

Volunteer for ASA-P!

Time flies like an arrow… fruit flies like a banana. Another poor joke serves to finish my column, as my way of remarking that the current ASA-P session is drawing to a close already. My year as President is almost finished, and we have a roster of new people to stand for election, to serve the chapter starting July 1. The offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary are open to election. All are open and require no previous experience. PLEASE consider volunteering. Volunteering for the chapter is not a large commitment of time and is a great way to network among local statisticians, and a notable achievement to add to your resume. If you are interested but unsure, I urge you to contact any of the officers (contact details at the end of the newsletter) to get an idea of what’s involved.

I will close with my heartfelt thanks to my fellow officers, for their service, ideas, and encouragement. Anne, Prasheen, Jason, Bill, Mac, Alex, Ruifeng, Michael, James – I have been proud to lead you this year.

David Radley, President

Career Day 2013

Posted on Apr. 30, 2013

In celebration of the International Year of Statistics, the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Statistical Association will be sponsoring a career day for both high school and university students on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

This educational outreach event will consist of two career panels, one hosted at Methacton High School in Eagleville, PA (map) and the other at Villanova University (map). We are looking to form a diverse panel of enthusiastic volunteers to represent the wide use of statistics in government, private business and academia.

We are expecting an audience of around 150 eleventh and twelfth graders enrolled in AP Statistics at Methacton High School. University students in Philadelphia are invited to attend the evening event at Villanova. Both panels will follow a similar format, which may be subject to change: 1) introduce statistics and its applications , (2) introduce expert panelists, (3) panelists Q&A with host, (4) open forum Q&A. A synopsis of the event, including short biographies of the panelists, will be included in our quarterly newsletter and on

As we all know, the need for quantitative analysts is increasing and there is growing concern that the United States is losing its competitive edge in math and science. Please take this opportunity to share your valuable wisdom and experiences with our future generations. Use this form to express your interest.